Kanye West Exposes Celebs on “Monarch Mind Control” Kill List

Who is Harley Pasternak, the man whom Kanye West has publicly accused of trying to institutionalize him, drug him into oblivion, take his kids away, and destroy his life? As it turns out, this “personal trainer” is connected to psychological operations, the Canadian military, and other strangeness.

First, let’s take a look at the tweet that unleashed the storm. Kanye West accused his personal trainer of threatening to have him institutionalized “again”, drugged out of his mind, and have his children taken away from him.

What kind of “personal trainer” has this type of power?

Finding information on Harley has become complicated by recent events. For some strange reason, his Wikipedia page was edited after Kanye’s tweet. I wonder why?

This is his current page, listing his most notable achievements, the books he has published, his educational qualifications, and celebrity clients he has worked with.

And this is the archived version from before Kanye exposed him on Twitter. Notice anything missing?

Someone recently removed from Harley Pasternak’s Wikipedia entry two main things. Any reference to Kanye West. And the lengthy list of his celebrity clients. Curious, isn’t it?

Here’s the list of Harley’s noteworthy clients. Someone doesn’t want you to see this. Note that some of his former clients had mental breakdowns or died under suspicious circumstances, most notably Mac Miller and Brittany Murphy.

Pasternak was closely involved with Brittany Murphy before she died. The autopsy report indicated that she died of an overdose thanks to a wide assortment of prescription pills that were in her system at the time of her death.

This in itself wasn’t the mysterious part. What was perhaps even odd is that her husband, Simon Monjack, died only five months later in a similar manner. We were told that their lifestyles led to their ultimate demise, but Brittany Murphy’s half-brother, Tony Bertolotti, isn’t buying that explanation.

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