Kim Kardashian Responds After Internet “Allegedly” Spots Cocaine On Her Snapchat

This is probably the worst way you can attack a story. This is almost like having a picture on the internet you don’t like, so you tell everyone to please stop sharing it. Sometimes it is better to just stay away from the “rumor” altogether.

Kim K posted a snapchat that was probably viewed a million times. People screen shot’d it and started to post the pic on Twitter asking if she was doing some blow.

By saying anything you let people into the story to create their own twist. And by just blaming someone else’s candy mess…. you are not leaving very many outs.

Here is the video in question:


And a still pic:

Lined up:

Kim quickly responds to a fan who said this:

Story over right?? Nope. Internet keep piling on of course!

Now the only way we would know the truth is if someone was there to snort the lines which are now long gone. Even though we can’t prove that it was blow or not people will still go back and forth on this for another week unless something else dumb happens.

Which is really the sad part of the internet. If you made it this far in the post you might be feeling as sad as me realizing we feel into this bullshit. Sucked into the votrex of shit. So to make it up to you here is at least a good looking pic of her *allegedly real butt.


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