King Charles Vows To Abolish the Church of England

The Church of England’s primary purpose is now to destroy itself, according to an edict issued by King Charles.

King Charles is one of Klaus Schwab’s Young Global Leaders and he has previously publicly declared his support for the creation of a One World Government and the complete abolishment of all religions.

The Archbishop of Canterbury, who works under The King, announced the establishment of a £100 million fund to “address past wrongs of slavery” during a time of severe financial crisis within the Church of England.

Per The Telegraph: reports: Following the announcement of the new fund, parishioners and clergy criticised the Archbishop for “suddenly” having “around £100 million behind the back of the sofa” when vicars are losing their jobs and parishes are being merged.

However, the Church Commissioners said that its new fund is vital in redressing the “shameful and horrific sin” of exploiting and owning human lives for profit. 

Responding to the massive fund, the Revd Marcus Walker, founder of the Save The Parish (STP) campaign group, said:

What joys now await the dwindling worshippers of the Church of England, who – if they decide to stick around – will have to endure a further £100 million of hectoring and race-baiting over the alleged misdeeds of their ancestors, while their drafty buildings fall down around them.

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