Klaus Schwab: ‘I Am the New World Order’s Pope’

Klaus Schwab has declared that he is the New World Order’s Pope and has vowed to remain the head of the globalist organization until the day he dies.

According to WEF insiders, Klaus Schwab has a “god complex” and often refers to himself as a type of holy leader for the elites.

Breitbart.com reports: A number of individuals involved with the World Economic Forum are reportedly discussing the NGO’s post-Klaus Schwab future as the organisation’s annual conference once again kicks off in Davos this week.

It comes as Schwab himself will turn 85 years old in March this year, prompting some close to the organisation to seek clarification on who will succeed the arch-globalist at the top of his organisation.

Unlike many other organisations throughout the world however, the issue of succession within the WEF is one solely in the leader’s hands, with the group’s charter listing Schwab as having the sole prerogative to choose his own successor.

According to a report by POLITICO, various individuals who used to or are currently working with the World Economic Forum do not believe that Schwab will provide clarity on the issue anytime soon, with the publication specifically citing critics who say Schwab rules the group like a king or pope, and that this succession question fits in with this style of leadership.

‘[Schwab] has a God complex, and thinks he’s in the fittest 0.1 per cent,” one WEF veteran based in the United States reportedly told the publication.

“But no one is immortal,” they continued. “It’s insane that they don’t have a succession plan to build public confidence around.”

Another staffer reportedly suggested that Schwab might try to control the process of his own succession from — what POLITICO describes as — “beyond the grave”.

“Klaus has changed his will multiple times a year for decades, so it’s just impossible to know what he will decide in the end,” the staffer remarked.

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