Kylie Jenner’s Before And After Fame Bikini Pictures Become A Meme

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If you live in the public eye people are going to talk about you, and nobody on earth lives in the public eye quite like the Kardashians.

Kylie , the youngest of America’s most social family, has literally grown up in the spotlight and now that’s become the topic of a meme.

The meme strongly implies Kylie’s transformation into the 19-year-old queen of Instagram wasn’t completely natural.

In Kylie’s defence, and I’m as shocked to write that as you are to read it, puberty is a pretty rubbish time for most people but going through the most awkward years of your life with the whole world examining every single part of you must be incredibly unusual.

Of course Kylie does invite an unusual amount of attention on social media because that is how she makes her living selling lip kits and t-shirts to people who admire her online persona.

But if you found yourself as the youngest member of the Kardashian family it’s hard to imagine you’d have much choice in the matter really. People were always going to discect her life, so she might as well be earning some dollar.

In fairness to the people who find Kylie’s appearance highly suspect both Kylie and Kendal looked very different in 2008:

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But then who didn’t look different in 2008? It was almost ten years ago. Scrolling that far back in my Facebook photos is a bizarre form of torture. All I’ll say is trucker caps and massive jeans were a popular look once right.

Kylie herself has joked about her own unusual ageing:

But despite admitting that she’s changed rather quickly the reality TV star has previously denied having plastic surgery:

Tempting as it is to side with the mean spirited meme makers in this instance it’s important to remember that Kylie is still a teenager going through all the normal stuff teenagers go through – but in an unimaginably unusual setting.

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