Latest Twitter Files Shows That Vaccine Sceptics Including Eminent Doctors Were Supresssed

Newly released Twitter documents detail how company executives sought to censor “true but inconvenient” data about Covid by discrediting eminent doctors and experts who spoke out against the vaccines.

In the latest instalment of the Twitter files, journalist David Zweig reveals how both the Trump and the Biden administrations pressured Twitter executives to censor such information.

The Mail Online reports: Using their pull, Zweig writes, the government was able to discredit doctors and experts, and suppress ordinary users’ freedom of speech on Twitter — even if they were citing the Center for Disease Control’s own data.

The Biden administration also piled pressure on the social media platform to suspend former New York Times reporter Alex Berenson over his tweets questioning Covid vaccines. 

The documents provide more context as to how the government infiltrated the social media giant to suppress certain stories, as Twitter CEO Elon Musk vows there will be more revelations next week.

According to the documents released on Monday, the Trump administration met with executives at Twitter, Google, Facebook and Microsoft looking for ‘help from the tech companies to combat misinformation’ about ‘runs on grocery stores… that could stoke panic buying and behaviors’ in the early days of the pandemic.

Then, when the Biden administration took over, they became focused on tackling ‘misinformation’ about vaccines and targeted high-profile vaccine skeptics like Berenson.

In the summer of 2021, Zweig writes, Biden said social media companies were ‘killing people’ for allowing vaccine misinformation — and just a few hours later, Berenson’s account was suspended.

He was kicked off the platform the following month, and ultimately sued (and settled with) Twitter.

As part of the legal process, Twitter was compelled to release internal communications, which showed how the White House pressured the company to take action on Berenson.

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