Logan Paul Thinks It’s Time For Logan Paul To Get A Second Chance

What a weird weird weird video. The entire “Hey I’m from TMZ I know if looks like you really have no time to talk to me right now as your rush through the airport BUT” line has bugged me.

That being said, after being drilled with some questions it seems Logan is ready for his big comeback. He also hints at why hit doesn’t seem to bother him that his YouTube $$$ might get cut down a little.

Logan Paul says he’s learned a lot from the backlash he received, and money he’s lost, since posting video of a suicide victim — and believes he’ll bounce back … eventually.

Now according to Unilad the news might get worse for Logan: Police have revealed they may charge disgraced YouTuber Logan Paul for his ‘Japanese suicide forest’ video.

Japanese police officers have identified at least four separate misdemeanors in the video and could arrest him if he were to return to the country.

Paul uploaded the video, titled ‘We found a dead body in the Japanese Suicide Forest’, on December 31 to shocked audiences. In it, the vlogger and friends can be seen stood around a suicide victim laughing. It racked up over 6.3 million views before being pulled from the site.

Along with the dead body, Paul’s 15 minute video also shows evidence of public indecency, interference of business operations, multiple traffic violations and destruction of property.

Another officer added:

It’s not an issue that you’re Japanese or a foreigner—but that you’re breaking the law. And you’re showing these lawless acts to thousands of people who follow you on YouTube, which sets a bad example.

Even if you did things as a prank, you damaged property, you bothered people, you obstructed the work of innocent people trying to make an honest living, you were rude to many and you were a pain in the ass.

If the hotel wanted to press charges, any police department would follow up on it—and you have uploaded the evidence for them.

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