Los Angeles Schools Now Teaching Kids That Eating Donuts Is ‘Healthy’

Schools in Los Angeles are now teaching children that eating donuts is ‘healthy’ as part of a radical new plan to destigmatize obesity.

A video, published on the Human Relations page of the Los Angeles Unified School district Instagram account, aims to dismiss the idea of “bad” food no matter its nutritional value as “based on a false standard of ‘health.’”

The clip, which has since been deleted, begins with a woman offered a plate of iced donuts who recoils at them.

Thefederalist.com reports: “Those are so bad for you,” she claims, as her friend suggesting the sugary snack appears perplexed at the reaction.

“Oh no! Are they moldy? I mean, are they poisoned? Are you allergic?” the presenter asks while holding up the plate of dough and sprinkles. “Hm, you’re judging my food choices based on a false standard of health again, aren’t you.”


The conversation is followed by Kéra Nyemb-Diop, whom the video identified as the “Black Nutritionist,” encouraging students to abandon conventional standards of “good” and “bad choices.”

“Diet culture, fatphobia, and systems of oppression have created false hierarchies of food and show up everywhere,” says Nyemb-Diop. “Remember that you do not need to ‘earn’ food… Eat without guilt, regardless of what society says.”

According to Nyemb-Diop’s LinkedIn page, the nutritionist has been a “senior scientist” with Mondelēz International for nearly six years. Mondelēz International is a Chicago-based snack food company behind dozens of processed brands especially popular with children, including Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Honey Maid, and Sour Patch Kids.

Contrary to the alleged nutritionist’s corporatized claims, recommendations from the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), which L.A. schools adhered to as gospel during lockdowns, encourages individuals to “add an array of colors to your plate and think of it as eating the rainbow.”

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