Machine Gun Kelly Calls ‘Midnight In the Switchgrass’ Trash

Machine Gun Kelly may have met his twin flame on set for In the , but that doesn’t mean that he has anything nice to say about it.

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The “Bloody Valentine” singer shared his thoughts on the newly released crime thriller on Twitter writing, “if i don’t talk or tweet about a movie i’m barely in it’s because it’s [ can emoji]”. Ouch.

Starring Bruce Willis and directed by Randall Emmett, Midnight In the Switchgrass also stars Fox and features in a small role, though he receives no credit for the film on IMDb.

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While Fox has not made her feelings of the film known, neither she nor the “Forget Me Too” singer showed up to the July 23, Los Angeles premiere. The actress claims it was due to COVID concerns.

The double no show didn’t sit well with Emmett’s partner, Lala Kent, who posted an Instagram photo of herself where she covers Fox’s face on the film’s poster. Kent double downed by also blocking Fox’s name from the photo with the caption, “So excited for this!”.

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Is yet another Hollywood feud brewing? Not according to The Transformer star who said in a statement to USA Today, “I really like Lala, so I can’t imagine she would be trying to do anything negative like that. She’s a lovely person.”

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Meanwhile, Kent also agrees that there is no ill will between the them, saying to the same publication that her mom took the photo. “In no way was it meant to shade anyone.”

“I like Megan; she has been nothing but kind to me, Lala said. “I’m grateful she supported Randall in his directorial debut. I’m very proud of them both.” Even Emmett seems to share the love for Fox and Kelly saying to Yahoo Entertainment, “They’re both incredible actors, and their chemistry was flawless.”

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So all’s good then? Maybe not! Fox told USA Today that despite her starring role, she has no plans on watching the film or even a clip of her scenes with her boyfriend.

“That’s just something we were living in, so much has happened since… The question of, ‘Did we have chemistry onscreen?’ isn’t necessary, because chemistry has gotten us this far,” she says.

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