Mainstream Media Celebrate As Tanks Roll Onto China’s Streets To Slaughter Protestors

Western mainstream media outlets appeared to celebrate the Chinese Communist Party’s decision to deploy military tanks to the streets of China to slaughter citizens protesting COVID lockdowns.

The appearance of the tanks is a chilling echo of the Tiananmen Square massacre when troops were used to kill protestors.

Footage of the tanks went viral on social media after several days of unprecedented numbers of Chinese citizens took to the streets demanding an end to Communist rule: reports: Hundreds have taken to the streets in eight cities – including Beijing and Shanghai – after the deaths of 10 people in an apartment fire was blamed on Xi Jinping’s draconian zero-Covid lockdown.

China’s vast security apparatus now has swung into action to flood the streets with police and identify those who have been taking part in the demonstrations.

A column of tanks was spotted in the eastern city of Xuzhou, leading to fears they could be heading to put down the protests.

Popular US-based opposition blogger Fang Shimin, who shared the video, asked “are they going to Shanghai?”.

The city has seen large protest following a deadly blaze at an apartment block.

The fire broke out on the 15th floor and rapidly spread to the higher floors in the city of Urumqi.

Furious residents blamed the deaths on the Covid lockdown as they said they were only allowed to leave home for short periods each day and the timing was strictly controlled by authorities.

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