Mainstream Media Covered Up Evidence Proving COVID-19 Was NOT a ‘High Consequence Disease’ in 2020

On March 24th 2020, 13 days after the World Health Organisation and its bitch (the mainstream media) started one of the biggest propaganda campaigns in human history – by informing the public that a pandemic was upon us – and a whole day after the first UK lockdown was imposed, I discovered something rather uplifting…. on the UK government website, no less. 

There, in black and white, were words that everyone would be pleased to read. A few short paragraphs explained how this new coronavirus – Covid 19 – wasn’t scary at all. It mentioned low mortality rates and that, on March 19th 2020, it had been moved out of the ‘high consequence disease’ bracket, and that, all in all, it was really nothing to worry about. 

I breathed a sigh of relief, not for myself (I knew, even then, it was all a massive scam) but for all the people who were already terrified by the news. As a freelance journalist, I wanted to get this information out there as quickly as possible so I immediately approached several mainstream newspapers, naively believing the editors there would be as keen as I was to share such good tidings. My pitches were abruptly rejected. Strange. Why didn’t the papers want to publish such happy news? Didn’t they want to reassure the public? And if not, why not? 

I couldn’t get any answers so handed the story over to the editor here at News Punch. At the time, the site was getting a lot of flak, being called a ‘fake news’ site, when in actual fact all their writers were guilty of was regularly going against a mainstream narrative that was clearly flawed. I’ve written for News Punch (formerly Your News Wire) since 2014 and, although the site carries a few out-there conspiracy stories, the news articles almost always get to the truth of many matters. 

My Covid story was published by News Punch on March 24th. Here it is:

Click on the original link to the government website included in the story and you’ll find it does not go to where it did back in March 2020, but instead to a page that carries general information about high consequence disease and the definition thereof. Fortunately, however, the clever editor here at News Punch archived the link. Take a look here.

Now, unless you were familiar with News Punch at that time or had a penchant for rummaging around the millions of pages on the UK government website, this important information would never have come to your attention. Without the help of the MSM media broadcasting it, the chances of it seeing the light of day were slim. Of course, the MSM had no intention of helping so the material remained buried and out of sight to the majority of the general public.

The story did the rounds and plenty of News Punch readers saw and shared it, but it didn’t reach the numbers it might have done had it been published in a national newspaper. I realised then that certain counter-narrative stories were never going to be published by the papers. There was an agenda, something sinister going on between the government and the media. And it wasn’t an agenda intended to help or reassure the public. 

This wasn’t the only story of mine that was turned down by the papers: my pitch to 28 editors about the implementation of euthanasia in care homes and hospitals under the guise of Covid treatment was also rejected. They didn’t want to hear about the misattribution of cancer, heart attacks, accidents and other deaths to Covid. Nor did they want to see any little bit of my research into how there were no excess deaths to be seen by mid 2021. One editor agreed to publish my story about how blanket Do Not Resuscitate orders were being put on people without their or their families’ consent, but he quickly changed his mind once he read the shocking quotes from a whistleblower doctor I’d interviewed. A doctor going against the narrative? Well, they certainly weren’t going to support or publicise that! And they certainly weren’t interested, six months on, in tales of vaccine injury and death. The excuses ranged from “it’s not a story because it happens all the time” (that’s a response to the euthanasia one) to “there’s just not enough evidence” and “but that would jeopardise the vaccine roll-out.” 

New online publications were popping up left, right and centre and they were all keen to print such articles but I felt a desperate yearning to get the truth into the mainstream. I tried my best but it proved to be a thankless task and now, 32 months on, I’m tired and broke. (Alternative online publications are always happy to publish but rarely able to pay.) 

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