Man Hands Out Notes And Earplugs From His Baby Twins On Their First Flight

Some incredibly creative and clever parents of twins managed to turn their crying sons into the ‘highlight’ of a long haul flight. A mean feat for anyone.

The sight of twin babies on a long haul night flight is most people’s worst nightmare, but one dad came equipped with earplugs and a cute note which no one could get angry about.

With an adorable baby in arm, the charming dad went around the plane and handed out the earplugs with a note from babies, Zed and Jay, to their ‘fellow passengers’

Speaking to UNILAD, passenger Daniel said:

My girlfriend and I had just settled into our seats for the nine hour flight from Johannesburg to Perth Australia. It was a night flight (9:30pm) and a real red eye one given the jet lag in store for us.

Our trip to Aus is only a few days so we were hoping to get as much sleep as possible to be able to fulfill our to-do-list and then we see two parents carrying in their baby twins.

Game over. My girlfriend and I just looked at each other in that here we go kind of way. Not just one screaming baby but twins. You could just feel the atmosphere drop.

And then once everyone was settling, the dad, we never actually got his name, just started going around with a big bag of earplugs and notes. He was like some Viking Santa just going around smiling dispatching them. He kept telling everyone they’d understand and he was sorry and hoped they wouldn’t be needed.

The note introduced us to the twins Jay and Zed (is that a Jay-Z reference?) and how Jay was an angel but Zed often made a real racket. It was a smart move naming then because when one of the twins starting crying later on, people were all asking if it was Jay or Zed.

Anyway the trip went well, Jay and Zed were pretty good as far as you can expect babies to be and their parents came out as being absolute legends. They completely reversed their roles from being the villainous parents subjecting us to shrieking babies all night to real admirable characters. Definitely the highlight of the flight to be honest!

The adorable note read:

Dear fellow passengers,

My name is Zed and I have a young twin brother Jay. We are five months old and would you believe, this is our very first trip on a big plane!

Apparently I am supposed to be excited about this trip but all I can think about is when is my next feed! This short note is just to let me apologise on behalf of my brother as he has a habit of making a bit of a racket whereas Im a perfect ”angel”!

My parents are really hoping both of us can be quiet and you won’t even realise we are here but in case we are, here are a pair of earplugs to hopefully make your journey a little more bearable.

What a fantastic way to divert anger from other passengers.


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