Many NHS Hospitals Still Using Outdated Covid Restrictions To Stop Patients Seeing Loved Ones

It has been revealed that more that two thirds of the NHS Hospitals continue to use outdated covid restrictions that deny patients visits from their friends and family

Despite hospitals being told to open up last March, data shows 70 per cent of the NHS trusts are still enforcing rules dating back to the Covid lockdowns

The Mail Online reports: A recent report by the Care Quality Commission revealed over half of pregnant women were denied the support of their partner while giving birth last year, despite the end of Covid restrictions.

The restrictions are being enforced across inpatient wards, as well as accident and emergency departments, outpatient clinics and maternity wards.

Health Secretary Steve Barclay has held back on imposing any new guidance on visiting rules, despite pressure from campaigners to end ‘lockdown era policies’. A source close to Mr Barclay claims he wants to allow frontline NHS workers to make their own decisions on visiting rules in their hospitals. 

Labour Shadow Health Secretary West Streeting said it was ‘not good enough for Steve Barclay to stand idly by’.

After a resurgence towards the end of last year, Covid is once again on the wane – with latest figures showing infections down by a third in the week leading to January 20.

During the darkest days of the pandemic, visits from family and friends were banned altogether to reduce the spread of the virus – leading many people to say their final farewells to their loved ones through agonising phonecalls.

After it was revealed that more than a quarter of trusts still suspended visits in March last year, the NHS ordered hospitals to open up once again.

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