‘MAPs Are a Protected Minority’: YouTube Cracking Down on Users Who Criticize Pedophilia

Streaming giant YouTube is cracking down on content creators and users who leave comments that are critical of pedophiles, banning a host of popular channels and removing comments, citing rules against “harassment and bullying” if anyone dares to suggest that in 2022 there is no place for adults engaging in sexual acts with young children.

The Balenciaga pedo-gate scandal has blown the scandal wide open and revealed YouTube’s position on the matter of MAPs, or Minor Attracted Persons.

According to YouTube, if a news channel investigates a prominent individual and discovers they have a history of sharing child abuse imagery and content, as well as advocating on social media for the legalization of pedophilia, that news channel must not report on what is has found.

If the news channel considers the information to be in the public interest and does report on the child abuse material, that news channel will be terminated, banned, completely removed from YouTube.

Why would YouTube take this position, you ask? Doesn’t it go against all of our traditions of protecting children? Doesn’t it ….

If you are confused why YouTube would take this position, congratulations. You still have a heart, a soul, and you have not been corrupted by the globalist elite and their PR department, the mainstream media.

Unfortunately, the globalist elite, led by the World Economic Forum, have been so successful in rolling out their agenda, that major social media networks and YouTube now consider pedophiles to be a “protected minority.”

While they won’t outline this position officially for fear of backlash, we can prove that this is the position they are taking. We can also prove that it goes back to the top – Klaus Schwab and the World Economic Forum.

Let’s take a look at what happened on YouTube this week. In case you are not aware, the People’s Voice channel, which had been reporting on the Balenciaga pedo-gate scandal, was abruptly, and without warning, cancelled by YouTube.

The channel was deleted. All of the hard work, the hundreds of videos, many of which contained precious, groundbreaking information that you will struggle to find elsewhere on the censored internet, was memory-holed by the elite.

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