Marjorie Taylor Greene Appointed To House Covid Subcommittee

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has appointed Marjorie Taylor Greene to serve on the House of Representatives Select Subcommittee on the Covid Pandemic.

Democrats have needless to say blasted the decision and say that Taylor Greene had spent the past two years elevating ‘misinformation’ on the subject.

MSN reports: The Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Pandemic was created by the Republicans to investigate how the Joe Biden administration handled the US response to the disease outbreak.

Ms Greene has been a staunch supporter of the new House speaker. A New York Times article recently cited Mr McCarthy as telling his friend, just days after he won the vote to be the Speaker, that he would “never leave that woman… I will always take care of her”.

The appointment has come under fire as Ms Greene has openly spread baseless conspiracies on Covid and had even recently resorted to an apparent reference to Buffalo Bills athlete Damar Hamlin’s cardiac arrest and link it, without evidence, to Covid vaccines.

“Before the Covid vaccines we didn’t see athletes dropping dead on the playing field like we do now… Time to investigate the covid vaccines,” the Georgia congresswoman had tweeted.

Ms Greene was also previously banned from Twitter for spreading disinformation regarding Covid.

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