Mary Holland: COVID Globalists Who Violated Nuremberg Code Must Be Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity

Mary Holland, President of Children’s Health Defense, has called for the elites who imposed the COVID jabs and lockdowns on the world to be prosecuted for ‘crimes against humanity.’

In an article titled, ‘Those Who Violated Nuremberg Code Must Be Prosecuted for Crimes Against Humanity,’ Holland lays out the argument and criteria by which COVID globalists such as Dr. Fauci and Bill Gates could be prosecuted.

Holland writes: I am especially honored to be here because the authors of the Nuremberg Code were doctors and lawyers from the United States who sought to prevent future horrors. And they built on medical and legal ethics established here in Germany before the Nazi regime.

I deeply wish that U.S., British, Russian and German government representatives were here to stand with us, as well as representatives of the global mainstream media.

It is a sad commentary that they are absent.

But I rejoice that The People’s representatives from all over the world are here — because it is “We the People” who will restore our rights, our laws and our morality and lead us out of these troubled times.

For more than 75 years, the Nuremberg Code has been a beacon of light — all medical and legal norms have been based on it since 1947.

The Nuremberg Code is the foundation for modern medical ethics.

The code has been incorporated into U.S. federal and state law, and U.S. courts have recognized the Nuremberg Code as a universal, international legal standard — like the norms prohibiting slavery and piracy.

The Nuremberg Code exists and is enforceable even if a country or institution or individual denies its validity.

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