Meghan Markle Says People Who Call Her a Narcissist Are Racist

Meghan Markle has declared that anybody who calls her a narcissist is a white supremacist racist, according to reports.

Markle and her team are demanding Politico apologise for a piece where she was branded a ‘narcissist’ and compared to other unfavorable people such as Donald Trump, Kanye West, Elizabeth Holmes and Sam Bankman-Fried. reports: The article, titled ‘2022 Is The Year We All Finally Got Tired of the Narcissists,’ suggests that, for the likes of Markle in 2022: ‘Some of them got their comeuppance and some of them got worse: our disinterest.’

And now some of Markle’s fans are asking for an apology, while deeming writer Joanna Weiss’ piece ‘racist.’ 

Christopher Bouzy, who appears in the ‘Harry & Meghan’ Netflix documentary, wrote on Twitter that while he believes Trump, Bankman-Fried and Holmes are criminals and West an anti-Semite, Markle’s only offense is having ‘defended herself while being black.’

Bouzy went further, adding: ‘Placing Meghan Markle at the center of criminals and antisemites is not an accident. The hate for Meghan is palpable. A woman of color protecting her family and defending herself isn’t narcissism; it’s survival.’ 

He’s quoted in the Netflix documentary as saying the controversy over the Duke and Duchess is ‘about hatred. It’s about race.’ 

Bouzy went down the rabbit hole to the point of finding a 2012 tweet by Weiss where she responded to a tweet about having ‘a #RoyalFetus column in your future’ by saying ‘I’ve been thinking a lot about Prince Harry lately.’

The CEO of Bot Sentinel suggested Weiss may be jealous of Meghan’s marriage, saying: ‘These Meghan haters all have something in common. Meghan got the prince, and you must learn to deal with it.’

Another fan of Markle’s tweeted their upset at the piece’s comparison of the royal to disgraced ex-Theranos fraudster Elizabeth Holmes’ schemes:

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