Mia Khalifa Offers Up Her Money Makers To Raise John Wall’s NBA 2K18 Rating

Say what you want about Mia Khalifa. Most people are no longer fans of the former pornstar. But I like what she did here. She tried to use what she’s got to help boost the ranking of her favorite player in a video game. Sadly, she got brutally denied. What could Mia Khalifa offer up to one of the guys behind the game? Well. Um. These? It is no secret that Mia is a John Wall Fan: She’s upset John Wall is a 90 in the upcoming NBA 2k18 video game, and is arguing he should be a 93. So much to the point that she’s offered up her tits to get the extra boost. She tried to use her good to sway the ratings in his favor. She hit up my guy Ronnie 2K (one of the dudes behind 2k who I use to tweet at every time the servers were down) asking what she could do: OOOOOOH! Sorry Mia! Better use those things for something else!

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