Mia Khalifa Posts Naughty Pic To Persuade Fans To Vote NBA Player John Wall An All-Star

I’ll tell you what… People are going at her for using her bod to try and get people to vote for John Wall and that is exactly what she wanted!

Although, John is already a fav to make the team in the East this should really get the vote rolling. The NBA a few years ago went to the fan vote from Twitter all retweets and likes count as votes…

Mia knows what she is doing. Maybe next she will work on getting Wall’s teammate Bradley Beal in as well!

This isn’t the first time Mia has taken to Twitter to try and help John:

When the 2k ratings came out she tweeted the main 2k guy to see if she could help move up John’s rating!

Now this!

Here is the picture she Tweeted:

Say what you want about the girl but this is a genius strategy to get her favorite player to the All star game

All of these tweets and retweets are racking in votes!

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