‘Midazolam Matt’ Hancock Was ‘Elated’ When Covid Jab Was Rolled Out

Former UK health secretary Matt Hancock claims he was ridiculed in Westminster for believing in the vaccine and recounts crying on live TV the day the first doses were administered.

In his diaries, Hancock, also knows as “Midazolam Matt“, said that during the months prior to the first ‘vaccine’being approved, he faced opposition from ‘sceptics’, including some inside No10.

On December 1 the UK became the first country in the Western world to authorise the Pfizer and BioNTech jab.

The Mail Online reports: Hancock describes the scenes of ‘elation’ as he announced the news in the Cabinet room – recalling that Boris Johnson ‘danced a jig’ – and his embarrassment as he ‘blubbed’ on television when the first Briton was inoculated on ‘V-day’.

Gina Coladangelo, his communications adviser who later became his lover, said: ‘At least you showed how you felt.’

He also reveals how he feared the rollout would have to be cancelled because three early recipients had serious reactions and his relief when it turned out they could continue after all.

In the diaries, Mr Hancock tells a series of stories about his focus on the vaccine as the route out of the pandemic, mentioning the vaccine more than once-a-page. He even claims he told health leaders in January 2020: ‘I want it by Christmas.’

But one of the most extraordinary claims in the latest extract of his pandemic diaries is the strength of opposition to his ‘optimism’ over the vaccine.

Mr Hancock refers to a ‘briefing against me from No10’ in a newspaper article which quoted a Whitehall source saying that ‘Matt Hancock is the only person here who thinks there is actually going to be a vaccine… it’s a running joke with other departments’.

The report was published less than two months before the vaccine was approved. Mr Hancock says he was happy to ‘own’ the joke.

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