Migrants Are Displacing Americans From US Homeless Shelters

Tens of thousands of economic migrants that have been invited to the US by President Biden are displacing Americans from homeless shelters just before Christmas, according to a Wall Street Journal report.

On December 15, the newspaper reported from El Paso, Texas, where the many job-seeking migrants are being released by Alejandro Mayorkas’s easy migration policies

Breitbart reports: The numbers are so high that many migrants cannot find seats in departing buses and aircraft:

Most of the migrants are single men, who are eager to take low-wage jobs, share crowded apartments, and compliantly accept abuse from employers. They migrate because U.S. jobs — many of which arebpaid in tax-free cash — pay far more money than they could earn at home and allow them to quickly pay smuggling debts and send money back to their families.

The El Paso migrants are being sent to other cities by the government-backed network of migration-support groups. The TexasStandard.org reported on December 17:

The Associated Press reported on December 15:

“Two days after the city of Denver opened an emergency shelter to accommodate more than 100 migrants who arrived in the city from the country’s southern border, another 20 arrived on Thursday, city officials said,” according to a December 8 report in Denver Post.

Landlords have responded to the Biden inflow by evicting many single-income American families to make room for larger groups of bunk-sharing migrants that can pay higher rents from multiple jobs. This resulting rise in rents provides an easy guide to the growing cost of migration that is being imposed on Americans, just as rising gas prices tend to display the impact of inflation on Americans.

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