Military Declare Bolsonaro ‘True President of Brazil’ and Begin Executing Corrupt Lula Officials

The Brazilian military have shown their support for the Brazilian people by declaring Bolsonaro the ‘true President of Brazil’ following evidence of a rigged election.

Millions of Brazilians were protesting again on the weekend, standing outside army bases and pleading for the military to save their country from the Communists and cartels.

Here we find ourselves again, two years after the 2020 stolen election, in a different country but with many of the same players.

Brazilian voters had their votes stolen from them by the millions at the ballot box. President Bolsonaro had surged ahead of communist rival Lula da Silva after barnstorming from Sao Paolo to Salvador. But following a series of technical anomalies, not to mention statistical impossibilities, Lula was declared the winner and Brazilian voters in their millions were disenfranchised by the global elite. WATCH:

But all is not lost. Thanks to the spirit of the Brazilian people and their determination to defeat the global elite, there is still hope that justice will prevail.

The official declaration of Article 142, which allows the military to intervene in the case of a conflict between the branches of government, is expected this week. Soldiers were seen joining the protestors and instructing them to remain calm when action comes. Drivers cheered military convoys deploying to strategic locations throughout the country.

The Brazilian Army has executed several top leaders of the notorious Communist-allied Red Command cartel as the military lays the groundwork for the second presidential term of President Jair Bolsonaro. WATCH:

The executions, which took place in the early hours of the morning, occurred just days after the Brazilian military declared Bolsonaro the ‘true President of Brazil’ which was met by a deafening wall of silence from the hard-left mainstream media.

In an unusual step for the military, the Army has invaded favelas of Rio de Janeiro and killed top leaders of the Comando Vermelho (or Red Command) drug cartel, which support the Communist criminal Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva.

Observers take this to indicate the beginning of a federal military intervention into the corrupt electoral process. The drug gangs were the only ones to celebrate the alleged election victory by criminal Lula Oct. 30, firing automatic weapons in the air in the favelas.

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