Millions of Americans Are Now Fleeing to Mexico To Escape Biden’s Third World Economy

Joe Biden’s economy is such a disaster that over five million Americans have fled to Mexico, according to a report.

According to a CNN report, State Department figures show that a million more Americans flew to Mexico in the first five months of this year than they did at any point before the Pandemic.

“A refuge for migrants,” the dramatic CNN voice over declares, adding “perhaps not the border crossing you expected.” reports: Nevertheless, it’s an interesting watch:

CNN also noted this week that average rent prices are “up 25% from March 2020”.

A majority of 62 percent of renters are worried about being able to pay:

Food prices are up 13.1%, and 48% of Americans according to a YouGov poll say inflation is “eroding their livelihoods”:

Don’t worry though, because Biden signed the ‘inflation reduction act‘ this week.

And remember, the U.S. definitely isn’t in a recession because that has been redefined.

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