Millions of Animals, Insects and Birds Are Suddenly Walking in Circles Around the World – Nobody Knows Why

A strange new phenomenon has taken the internet by storm recently. Millions of animals, insects and birds have been filmed walking around in circles for days, sometimes weeks, all over the globe – and nobody knows why.

As experts scramble to find an explanation for the bizarre phenomenon, some are attributing this strange behavior on disease, changes in the magnetic field of the Earth, spoiled feed, parasitic brain worms, experiments at CERN, a coming pole shift or spikes in electromagnetic radiation. reports: In early November, a group of sheep in northern China began walking in circles over and over again.

This went on for nearly two weeks, and footage of this behavior has spread very rapidly on various social media platforms…

Even our large corporate media outlets have been talking about the sheep in China, but in many cases they have decided that it is something to laugh about.

Hopefully there is a very simple explanation for why the sheep were circling for such a long period of time.

According to one expert that was interviewed by Newsweek, this could simply be a case where the sheep became extremely frustrated because they were penned up for so long…

Maybe Bell is correct.

But why are so many other animals, insects and birds also walking in circles all over the planet?

What we are witnessing is not just limited to one group of sheep in northern China.

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