Millions of Women Are REJECTING Sex With Vaccinated Men To Protect Themselves From Spike Protein Bioweapons

Millions of informed unvaccinated single women are avoiding single men who got the mRNA jab in order to avoid the “shedding” of jab spike proteins through physical contact.

According to reports, unjabbed women who have educated themselves on the dangers of the jab are repulsed at the idea of having sex with “fully vaccinated” men. reports: American Thinker writer Laura J. Wellington is one such single woman who says it “has become their new norm,” referring to herself and other non-jabbed single women, to avoid men who took the experimental gene therapy.

“Qualifying single men by such a standard makes the pool in which to select from additionally small, especially if one is living in a blue state,” Wellington writes. “On top of that, plenty of single men don’t shine to the notion that they aren’t being considered simply because they decided to get vaccinated.”

The “most disgruntled, hostile men,” she adds, seem to be those who “succumbed to the vaccine by force” – meaning men who did not necessarily want to get jabbed but were forced to in order to maintain employment, for instance. (Related: Remaining unvaccinated in today’s aggressive jab-pushing environment makes you a “superhero” in society, says French general.)

“Feeling penalized twice over for a vaccine they never wanted to begin with, many of these men don’t handle these women’s rejection well,” Wellington further writes.

“Guilt, annoyance, diminishment, and just plain rudeness are known to occur in relation to these women’s decision to stay committed to their particular stance.”

To be fair, unvaccinated men face the very same thing with “fully vaccinated” women, many of whom militantly support the jabs and look down on men who just said no to experimental drugs from the government and Big Pharma.

It is an act of self-preservation by both men and women who skipped the jab(s) to avoid other men and women who opted to take the shots and who are now shedding spike proteins and who knows what else on others.

In many ways, it is better to just remain single than to couple up with someone who allowed his or her immune system to be destroyed by mystery pharmakeia (aka pharmaceutical sorcery) – especially when that mystery pharmakeia can potentially transfer via sexual activity.

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