Missouri and Louisiana Sue Biden and Big Tech For Colluding To Suppress Freedom of Speech

Missouri and Louisiana Sue Biden and Big Tech For Colluding To Suppress Freedom of Speech

Did Joseph Biden collude with Big Tech and social media to label truths a lie? Have the Democrats colluded with Twitter, Facebook and Google to violate your First Amendment rights?

Thanks to a new lawsuit filed against Biden by the Attorneys General of Missouri and Louisiana, we may get a rare chance to find out. What’s more, a federal court has granted the request for discovery and documents from top Biden officials and social media executives so they can to get to the bottom of their collusion efforts to suppress and censor free speech.

Strange that there is nary a peep of this in the media? If this had been Trump, mainstream media would be shouting from the rooftops, Democrats would have launched proceedings for a third impeachment,
and billions of bots would have trended it on Twitter for weeks on end, creating a mass formation psychosis among normies.

The suit alleges four counts:
(1) Violation of the First Amendment
(2) Action in Excess of Statutory Authority,
(3) Administrative Procedure Act Violations by HHS officials
(4) Administrative Procedure Act violations by DHS officials

Specifically: The Hunter Biden Laptop Cover Up, The Lab Leak Theory, and The Efficacy of Masks.

In their lawsuit, the Attorney Generals argue that the Biden regime colluded with Big Tech companies to censor and suppress opposing speech, directly working with the executives and employees of the named companies.

Judge Terry Doughty, of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Louisiana, ruled on Tuesday that there is “good cause” for the discovery process, and set a timetable with specific deadlines for depositions.

Doughty said members of the Biden administration and Meta, Twitter and YouTube must turn over documents and answer questions within the next 30 days regarding their suppression of “disfavored speakers, viewpoints, and content on social medial platforms.”

A federal court granted our request for discovery & documents from top ranking Biden officials & social media companies to get to the bottom of their collusion to suppress and censor free speech,” Schmitt said in a statement posted onto Twitter. “No one has had the chance to look under the hood before – now we do.”

He continued:In May, Missouri and Louisiana filed suit against top-ranking Biden Administration officials for allegedly colluding with social media giants to suppress freedom of speech under the pretense of combatting “misinformation. In our lawsuit, we allege that top-ranking Biden Administration officials colluded with those social media companies to suppress speech about the Hunter Biden laptop story, the origins of COVID-19, the efficacy of masks, and election integrity.”

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