Mom Rants About How Being A Stripper Makes Her A “Better Parent”

What a time to be alive!!

A mom-of-one believes that her job as a sex worker makes her a better parent. Elle Stanger is a mom, stripper, sex writer and often refers to herself as an ‘unlicensed underwear therapist.’ The 31-year-old from Portland, Oregon, has a five-year-old daughter – and she believes her job makes her a better mom.

According to Metro: A stripper and sex writer who often refers to herself as an ‘unlicensed underwear therapist’ said she believes her job makes her a better mum. Elle Stanger from Portland, Oregon, who lives with her five-year-old daughter, spends three days a week working in a strip club.

She has also previously done webcam on and off, writes erotica and sells her own porn. She said: ‘Me and my partner just made our own – that was fun.’ Despite being ‘proud’ of her job, the 31-year-old said she is forced to ignore ‘judgemental’ parents at the school gates.

She said: ‘I feel like being a sex worker makes me a better mum because I’ve developed a greater sense of empathy. ‘It means that I’m responsible to make a human being that is better for the world.

‘She is going to be a lot more secure about the world around her. ‘I’ve been telling my daughter since she was three that mummy dances, talks to people and tells jokes for money.

‘I think people don’t trust that I could raise a child in a nurturing, safe, structured environment because they’re projecting their own fears on me. ‘I am not working in full view of her because I am an adult, I don’t want to see my parents do that. ‘When I’m a mum, I’m a mum, when I’m in the adult world working, I’m doing my adult work – those two things do not overlap.’

‘It was like, wow there is really a whole lot here, this feels like human, this feels like helping, this feels like giving therapy. ‘I know my work is healing to people because they tell me and I see it.

‘There are a lot of reasons people go into adult establishments – it’s not just because they want some kind of arousal, but because they want to be heard, they want be acknowledged, they wanna be seen. ‘A lot of people don’t have it in them to seek out therapy because they are ashamed to. ‘I think it’s a lot easier for a blue collar guy to talk to a pretty girl in her underwear for 20 bucks a song.

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