Mom Underfire After Making School’s Bake Sale Brownies With Her Breastmilk

For today’s secret ingredient… WE HAVE BREASTMILK! NOOOOOOOO! First, can you imagine unknowingly buying some ladies brownies, eating them, then finding out they were cooked with her titty milk? Part two: Can you imagine how many sick people out there would love to buy breast milk food… This Mom went on Facebook to ask for help after this situation happened at the bake sale. Now she might have got her daughter kicked out of the school for mixing up some of the golden milk in her brownies. Gross. She wrote: Sigh. Let me try for the 3rd time now!! Sigh. Stupid Facebook. I need some advice. I made brownies for my s school bake Sale that had breastmilk in them. I didn’t have time to run to the store and didn’t think it was a big deal (some of those kids could use the nutrition let’s be honest). And it Wasn’t even that much. One of the other moms found out and are blowing it Way out of proportion. ldk What to do! Any Suggestions?: ( The post exploded as more Moms from the school started sharing it with each other. They wanted the ladies head!  I almost feel for the brownie Mom after reading the PTA ladies rant! One wrote: “This is the most disgusting thing to ever happen in the history of this school and the PTA. For someone to think this was acceptable is unacceptable!”  I gotta stop this lady here. I hate when people say shit like that. “So one thing so it makes it another” get off your high horse lady. Just because you never tossed a little boobie milk into the batter doesn’t make you a GOD! Ok back to her rant: “As PTA VP of Communications, I have already taken it upon myself to email every parent of every student. I let them know everything that happened and made sure they knew we had NO PART in the milk substitute. I also had a 2-hour talk with Vice Principal Manley and he said he would handle the situation. I didn’t leave his office until I have a promise that justice would be served.  Thanks everyone for putting on a great event. Sorry, it had to be clouded by this bad egg. Make sure you come support the kids at the kickball back to school picnic in September. List of things we need is posted online. Thanks.” PTA VP of Communications is for sure a made up title from a crazy lady. Sounds like she is making a lot of friends at the school after these 2-hour talks!

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