Most Child Transgender Patients Are Severely Autistic, Official Statistics Show

New data shows that the majority of child patients at transgender clinics are severely autistic, which raises serious concerns about the safety and effectiveness of these clinics.

As per Spectrum News: reports: In the middle of a meandering treatise on the explosion in “transgender” youths in the UK, The Guardian dropped a little nugget that should have been the lead:

(Tavistock was a UK government-run “affirmative care” clinic that was so reckless in its child-transing practices that it was forced to shut down following an independent audit of its activities, which included a 20-fold increase in referrals of “trans youth” in a ten-year period.)

Psychological clinical work has demonstrated that “individuals with ASD [autism spectrum disorder] might be more susceptible to suggestive and interrogative questioning styles than their typical counterparts… they tend to score higher on a number of psychological trait measures that have been reported to correlate with suggestibility and compliance in typical individuals.”

This means they are more open to manipulation by actors with an agenda, such as transgender youth counselors.

It’s easier to convince them of their previously undiscovered transness.

According to Dr. David Bell, former consultant psychiatrist at the Tavistock NHS Foundation Trust, “some children have got the double problem of living with the wrong treatment, and the original problems weren’t addressed – with complex problems like trauma, depression, large instances of autism.”

Dear God in Heaven!

Imagine that your child is in emotional distress. You, the parent, naturally, not knowing how to fix the problem, take them to a trusted healthcare professional for help.

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