Multiple Mainstream News Outlets Declare: ‘Journalism Is Racist’

Multiple mainstream news outlets have declared that real journalism is inherently racist because its a relic of “white newsrooms.”

Yes ,really.

The declaration was made during a series of interviews conducted by former executive editor for The Washington Post Leonard Downie Jr. and former CBS News President Andrew Heyward. reports: “The media figures argued that journalists should include their own beliefs, biases, and experiences to convey truth, and that journalistic objectivity was either unrealistic or undesirable,” reports the Daily Caller.

Downie Jr. argued that objectivity distorts the news because the standard “was dictated over decades by male editors in predominantly White newsrooms and reinforced their own view of the world.”

Emilio Garcia-Ruiz, editor-in-chief at the San Francisco Chronicle, put it even more explicitly asserting, “objectivity has got to go.”

So there you have it.

“Diversity” is hostile to objectivity (truth) and for diversity to win, the truth must be abolished in favor of pushing narratives that benefit so-called minority groups (which are now endorsed and empowered by every major institution in America).

Downie Jr. insisted that covering both sides of a story, particularly one “about race, the treatment of women, LGBTQ+ rights, income inequality, climate change and many other subjects,” prevents individuals who belong to such groups “pursuing truth in their work.”

Kathleen Carroll, former executive editor at the Associated Press asserted that objectivity was a standard set by “White, educated, and fairly wealthy” people and should therefore be abolished.

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