New Lancet Report Suggests COVID Originated From US Lab

A new report by the world’s top medical journal the Lancet has suggested that the COVID-19 virus likely originated from a laboratory in the United States.

Up until today, most of the speculation around the origin of the pandemic has focussed on the Wuhan lab in China.

However, scientists now claim that Sars-Cov-2 could have leaked from a US lab “by accident.” reports: The report states that “independent researchers have not yet investigated” US labs, and that the National Institutes of Health has “resisted disclosing details” of its work.

Despite the evidence presented in the research paper, the Lancet is still facing a backlash over its refusal to take action against economist Prof Jeffrey Sachs, who was involved in research for the publication.

During a podcast hosted by Robert F Kennedy, Jr, Sachs said he was “pretty convinced” that COVID “came out of a US lab of biotechnology, not out of nature.”

Prof Angela Rasmussen claimed that Sachs’ appearance on the podcast “undermines the seriousness of the Lancet Commission’s mission to the point of completely negating it.”

However, Prof Sachs told the Telegraph that he stands by his initial conclusions.

“Everybody has signed off on the final text. The question of a possible laboratory release mostly involves the question of US-China joint work that was underway on Sars-like viruses,” he said.

Although there is plenty of evidence to suggest that the virus was leaked from the Wuhan lab, China’s response to the pandemic doesn’t make much sense in that context.

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