New Scientist: ‘Thousands More UK Deaths Than Usual’ and ‘We Don’t Know Why’

There have been thousands more deaths in the UK than expected in recent months and “we don’t know why”, according to New Scientist magazine which attempts to get to the bottom of the question before admitting the experts are all baffled.

The UK has seen an unexplained surge in deaths in recent months, causing concern among the country’s chief medical officers, all of whom are claiming to be perplexed about the cause.

New Scientist reports:

It’s not just the UK where excess deaths are causing puzzlement among the medical establishment.

More people in Alberta, Canada are dying of “ill-defined and unknown causes” than any other cause of death including cancer, heart disease, and Covid-19, according to a study released in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

Canadian doctors and a civil liberties lawyer in the Canadian province of Alberta are raising concerns about a growing trend of deaths labeled as “unknown causes” after an unprecedented increase in such deaths was recorded in 2021.

This new category on autopsy reports and death records now tops ‘Covid-19,’ which was added to Alberta’s death tally in 2020. A study looking at excess deaths in Alberta was quietly released in March in the International Journal of Infectious Diseases.

That study found the “Top 10 Causes of Death in 2021” by the Government of Alberta were as follows:

The unknown causes of death category began appearing recently — and doctors are baffled.

“I think it’s probably multifactorial, so there are probably many things playing into that,” said Dr. Daniel Gregson, an associate professor in the Cumming School of Medicine at the University of Calgary. He specializes in infectious diseases and microbiology. Independent Sentinel reports:

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