New Zealand PM Jacinda Ardern Demands Global Censorship System To ‘Control’ Speech

New Zealand Prime Minister and Young Global Leader Jacinda Ardern is the latest WEF-aligned leader to call for an global system to censor free speech.

Unsatisfied with the corporate censorship of social media companies, leaders like Hillary Clinton have started promoting good old-fashioned state censorship. Speech regulation has become an article of faith on the left.

Ardern, who is on record telling her constituents that “the government is your only source of truth”, used her speech this week to the United Nations General Assembly to call for censorship on a global scale.

Lashing out at “disinformation”, Ardern called for a global coalition to control speech and proceeded to lay out a plan to eradicate free speech through government regulation:

Jonathan Turley reports: Ardern noted how extremists use speech to spread lies without noting that non-extremists use the same free speech to counter such views.   

To answer her question on “how do you tackle climate change if people do not believe it exists” is that you convince people using the same free speech.  Instead, Ardern appears to want to silence those who have doubts.

While referring to a global censorship coalition as a “light-touch approach to disinformation,” Ardern revealed how sweeping such a system would likely be. She defended the need for such global censorship on having to combat those who question climate change and the need to stop “hateful and dangerous rhetoric and ideology.”

That is the same rationale used by authoritarian countries like China, Iran, and Russia to censor dissidents, minority groups, and political rivals.  What is “hateful” and “dangerous” is a fluid concept that government have historically used to silence critics or dissenters.

Ardern is the smiling face of the new generation of censors. At least the old generation of censors like the Iranians do not pretend to support free speech and openly admit that they are crushing dissent. The point is that we need to be equally on guard when censorship is pushed from the left with the best of motivations and the worst of means.

As the great civil libertarian Justice Louis Brandeis once said, “the greatest dangers to liberty lurk in insidious encroachment by men of zeal, well-meaning but without understanding.”

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