Officer Honors Beloved K-9 Partner With Final Radio Call After 8 Years Of Loyal Service

When K-9 Faust hopped into the squad car with his loyal partner Senior Special Agent Bryan Schaffer, it was just another day on the job for the working dog. Certified in explosives detection and patrol, Faust and Schaffer had responded to hundreds of calls together.

But this particular call was different. Settled into the seat he had grown accustomed to mere feet away from his human partner, Faust’s ears perk up hearing the familiar sound of the officer’s radio.

What the devoted K-9 did not know is that he would never hear the static of the radio again. This call would end up being his last.

After eight years and one day on the job, it was time for the loyal K-9 to hang up his badge for good. In a bittersweet and emotional moment caught on camera, Schaffer sends out the pup’s final call.

With that many hours logged together in the squad car, parting ways would be challenging. But with a big of gray on his muzzle, it was time.

It’s hard not to choke up hearing what happens next. Special Agent Bryan Schaffer had difficulty maneuvering through this particular call.

But Schaffer knows that his incredible K-9 deserves the very best. This is the honorable way for him to wrap up his final shift.

As Special Agent Bryan Schaffer sends out the K-9’s last call, he settles into his seat as a female voice begins to speak. Schaffer cuddles with his partner as he listens to the emotional send-off.

The pooch nestles his head on the officer’s shoulder, then whimpers just a bit. The officer glances out the window, containing his emotions while the dog returns to snuggled a bit more, even trying to lick his face.

Special Agent Bryan Schaffer gives K-9 Faust a few good scratches and head rubs while the dispatcher walks through his send-off. It was a tender moment caught on camera for all of us to witness.

“Thank you for getting us both home safe after every shift,” the officer later wrote on Facebook. The stoic officer takes just a second and gently, tenderly kisses his partner on his nose.

Luckily, this goodbye wasn’t forever. According to an update from Officer Schaffer’s Facebook page, he was able to adopt Faust as a permanent member of his family. Watch the bittersweet moment the officer says goodbye to his loyal K-9 partner in the tear-jerking video below.

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