Over 12,000 fans sign petition to Stop Jacquees from creating music covers!

Jacquees is now famous for butchering classic songs, whether its Michael Jackson’s “Dirty Diana” or Soul For Real’s infamous song “Candy Rain.” He didn’t even leave the “This Christmas” of Donny Hathaway. He has even proclaimed himself to be “R&B King.”

But the fans had it too much I guess. An anonymous music lover posted a petition on Change.org to stop Jacquees from doing any music covers in the future. Yes, you read it right. People are signing petition to stop Rodriquez Jacquees Broadnax from demolising the old classic songs.

Source- Change.org

The petition, which began just 6 days ago, initially aimed at achieving just 10,000 signatures. But they have already received 12000 signatures. That must have hurt Jacquees. The numbers increased after the release of his cover of “This Christmas.”

This was definitely not the Christmas gift the 24-year-old singer must have been expecting. Anyways it seems like Jacquees will no longer be assaulting his audience by his covers. Secret Santa does exist. Merry Christmas everyone.

Source- That Grape Juice

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