Parents Sue Local Government after Kids Are Taught How to Perform Oral Sex and Take Hard Drugs

Spanish parents are suing their local government over explicit pornography being shown to children by the government’s youth department, which included oral sex lessons and instructions on how to take recreational drugs.

The inappropriate lessons occurred in Vilassar de Mar, a Catalonian municipality, and was targeted at children as young as 12. The kids were encouraged to imitate sexual positions, create genitals with play dough, and learn about hard drugs. reports: Children told parents they put condoms on bananas, placed honey and cream on the banana, and then licked it as they learned about how to perform oral sex by groomers. Another game included placing a balloon near a girl’s backside while a boy was told to pop the balloon by simulating sexual intercourse. They were also quizzed on whether or not certain illegal drugs were injected or inhaled.

“We feel unprotected, these people have done what they wanted, going over the line,” one concerned mother said to La Vanguardia.

“We do not know if recordings of the children made by anyone may be circulating,” said a mother worried about her children being exploited. “[sic] What assurance do we have that they are not in the hands of pedophiles?”

The City Council of Vilassar de Mar defended the grooming activities, arguing that since children are regularly exposed to pornography in this day and age that exposing them to another degree of filth and warping their souls is therefore justified.

“We have detected that teenagers aged 11, 12, 13 watch pornographic content and build an image of sexuality based on what they see in porn … We try to break this dynamic by being open to talking about these issues so that they can share them with adults and try to prevent them from building a sexual imaginary with sexist, violent and unhealthy attitudes,” the statement read.

Big League Politics has reported on children being exposed to perversion as far-left extremism replaces traditional Christian values:

In more evidence that the LGBT movement is enabling pedo predators, video has emerged of LGBT groomers teaching children how to dance on a stripper pole in Pennsylvania.

The footage comes from a Pennsylvania pride event where perverted gawkers cheered on children as they were shown how to dance erotically on a pole similar to nude dancers in strip joints.

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