Pathologist Warns About Covid Vaccine Consequences, Including Foot-Long Blood Clots

Idaho pathologist Dr. Ryan Cole has warned about the horrific onsequences from the covid vaccines

Dr Cole joined American media personality, internist, and addiction medicine specialist Dr. Drew to discuss the action of spike proteins manufactured in people’s bodies after they’ve been vaccinated. 

He explains how the Covid injections’ toxic lipid nanoparticles and mRNA, which induce the body to make spike proteins, distribute through the body as well as the mechanisms that cause inflammation, micro blood clots and the fibrous blood clots post-vaccination. He also explained the mechanisms through which Covid injections cause cancer and infertility.

His claims of horrific side effects from mRNA vaccines and his recommendations of alternative treatments for COVID-19 launched medical board investigations in multiple states, prompting the doctor to defend his license to practice medicine.

As the owner of Cole Diagnostics, one of the largest independent diagnostics laboratories in Idaho, Dr. Cole alleges he has seen – and photographed – shockingly large blood clots appearing since 2021. And for patients who believe they’ve been injured by the shots, Dr. Cole has a simple recommendation: “Sue your doctor.”


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