‘PedoHitler’ Trends on Twitter After Biden Demonizes Millions of Americans in Primetime Speech

Calls to impeach President Joe Biden trended on Twitter last night following a disturbing primetime address in which Biden accused tens of millions of conservative Americans of being violent “extremists.”

Biden, who ran on the promise to become the “president of unity” if elected, took to the blood-red themed stage and began verbally attacking Former President Donald Trump and the 74 million Americans who supported him in the 2020 election. 

Biden’s speech had an ominous and threatening tone from the start, as dark red lighting shone on the president with Marines stationed behind him. Biden had to clear his throat repeatedly during the speech, possibly due to his two recent positive COVID-19 cases.

Aside from the divisive tone, Biden’s speech was also full of misinformation and lies. For example, at one point during Biden’s address, the president claimed, “America’s economy is faster, stronger than any other advanced nation in the world.” Economists quickly took to social media to point out the falsehoods in such a statement.

As thousands took to Twitter to share their anger over Biden’s words, the terms “PedoHitler” and “impeach” began to trend on the platform.

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