Pelosi Declares China’s Communist Dictatorship Is ‘One of The Freest Societies in The World’

China is one of the “freest societies in the world” according to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) who faced backlash on Tuesday after a disturbing NBC News interview in which she heaped praise on Communist China.

Pelosi’s remarks have been slammed as “scary” and “idiotic” online, with others raising the question of whether she is compromised. Pelosi’s NBC News interview followed her visit to Taiwan last week, which triggered days of intense Chinese military drills that encircled the island.

We still support the One China policy. We go there to acknowledge the status quo is what our policy is. There was nothing disruptive about that,” Pelosi said. “It was only about saying China is one of the freest societies in the world.”

Donald Trump Jr. quickly responded to Pelosi’s claims by writing on Twitter, “Pelosi thinks that the Communist Dictatorship in China is ‘one of the freest societies in the world,’ which may explain why the Democrats are now emulating the same authoritarian tactics here at home, that the Chinese Communist Party uses against their political opposition!”

Unbelievable,” Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) responded. “Scary. Idiotic.”

Hudson Institute Senior Fellow Rebeccah Heinrichs responded, “Very embarrassing. She had to have meant Taiwan— all the difference in the world.”

China is currently locking religious minorities in mass internment camps and committing genocide against them,” Rep. Vicky Hartzler (R-MO) responded. “But Speaker Pelosi believes they are one of the freest societies in the world? This is #CCP propaganda.”

Former Trump White House adviser Steven Cheung responded, “Disturbing to see anyone, let alone an elected official, repeat Chinese Communist Party talking points. It’s almost like she is compromised.”

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The Daily Wire report that Drew Hammill, Pelosi’s deputy chief of staff, responded to the clip by saying that she misspoke and she meant to say, “Taiwan.”

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