People Are Sharing Their ‘Anyway We’re Married Now’ Stories, and They’re Adorable

Some love stories start out in unexpected ways. One Reddit user asked people to share their “Anyway, we’re married now” stories, those love stories that maybe didn’t start out as most do. These stories are all different, and some are strange, but they all end with, “Anyway, we’re married now,” and that’s a beautiful thing.

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Studa–party “met a coworker and our first interaction was me saying, ‘I don’t believe you,’ under my breath as I walked by. He thought I said, ‘I don’t like you.’ Anyways, we’re married now.” Ah yes, the ol’ “I hate you/I hate you too” love connection. 

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For fuelselwe, their relationship started off with an unexpected reconnection. They write that a friend of theirs in high school “looked suspiciously similar to a friend” they had way back in kindergarten. Turns out, it was that friend. And as these stories go, anyway, they’re married now.

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For OnlyMe369, the first time they hung out with their now-spouse, he threw up all over them. That’s how they knew it was true love, evidently.

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I love this one specifically because of the complete 180 the story does. Hey_sjay writes, “Right after our first kiss he said, ‘I’m not looking to get married. ‘Neither and I,’ I replied. So anyway, we’re married now.”

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Sometimes a love connection sparks when you least expect it…or even want it. Maimou1 writes that her now-husband showed up at her house to borrow her sister’s textbook, but everyone was asleep and no one would answer the door. So she dragged herself out of bed and answered the door “in nightgown and curlers.” He said he was there to see her sister, so she turned around, yelled, “‘SISSSS-TURRR,’ turned back around, said, ‘Family intercom system,’ completely deadpan,” and then turned and went back to bed. Now, they’ve been married for 38 years.

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MargotFenring snatched her man by…completely insulting him. When they’d just started dating, he came over to hang out. While he was there, her roommate was complaining about a coworker she had named Pam. As a show of solidarity, Margot said, “Who names their kid Pam anyway? F–k b—-hes named Pam.” Turns out her date’s mom was named Pam. And she was dead. “Anyways, we’re married now,” her story concludes. Awww.

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ReadingFrenzy‘s parents have a simple but hilarious story. They write, “My dad threw a paper airplane at the back of my mom’s head in college. She told him to grow up. Anyways, they’ve been married now for over 36 years.”

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I never thought I’d find a cheating story so adorable, but here it is! Windywing‘s boyfriend cheated on her with a girl that his roommate introduced him too. The roommate felt terrible. He’d only introduced them because he thought her BF had already broken up with her. But now, she’s married to the roommate! Has been for eight years.

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Moobell55‘s great grandparents met because their great grandfather was delivering the newspaper to their great grandmother’s house. Her brother thought he was trespassing and tried to shoot him! Their great grandmother felt bad, so she took him to lunch. “They were together for over 75 years and lived a very happy life,” they write.

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This last story is incredible, but it does have a tragic ending. Anonyforest was seated next to a “beautiful woman” on a flight, and they talked for the entire time. They had an instant connection, but they got off the plane without getting each other’s contact info. He thought he’d never see her again.

But a few weeks later, he was getting on another flight, this one international, and there she was! She was sitting about 10 rows in front of him. He asked to swap seats with the person next to her, and they talked for the whole 12 hours of the flight. Less than three months later, they were married.

Unfortunately, they were in a terrible car accident less than a year later, and she died. They write, “Following her death I then experienced some of the worst feelings of my life. But please don’t despair, the experiences, both good and bad, have made me what I am today. I’m so very happy that I was afforded the opportunity to meet my soulmate… So many people in the world are never given that chance.”

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