Pfizer Exec Admits Covid Jab Wasn’t Tested on Preventing Transmission – Media Silence

Pfizer executive Janine Small made a bombshell admission during a hearing this week on the European Union’s COVID-19 response — and the mainstream media, which has been spreading Big Pharma propaganda during the pandemic, is refusing to cover the story.

Member of the European Parliament (MEP) Robert “Rob” Roos asked Small if Pfizer tested whether or not the vaccine prevented transmission.

“If not, please say it clearly. If yes, are you willing to share the data with this committee? And I really want a straight answer, yes or no, and I’m looking forward to it,” said Roos.

Ms Small — appearing in the place of Pfizer chief executive Albert Bourla, who had been called to testify but pulled out of the hearing earlier this month — replied that the company had to “move at the speed of science”.

“Regarding the question around did we know about stopping immunization before it entered the market…No.,” Small admitted.

The astonishing confession by Small, Pfizer’s president of international developed markets, raises serious questions about the massive propaganda campaign waged in 2021 to get everyone vaccinated.

Roos shared a clip of Ms Small’s response on Twitter, describing her answer as “scandalous”. He’s not wrong.

In early 2021, CDC director Rochelle Walensky had no problem going on national television and declaring to the world that if you took the Covid-19 vaccine “you will not get or spread Covid.” Within weeks, this was found to be completely false. TFTP reports:

Dr. Anthony Fauci also disseminated the exact same misinformation, telling Americans that they had nothing to worry about once they took the shots. Yet hundreds of thousands of people who took the shots, got sick and died.

Joe Biden, Bill Gates, and countless other Pfizer shills in the media waged a massive campaign to convince Americans and the world at large that taking the vaccine meant that you could not get or transmit Covid-19. And they were all dead wrong.

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