Pfizer Increases Toxic COVID Vaccine Prices by 400% Following Rollout for Kids

Big Pharma giant Pfizer has increased the prices of its toxic COVID-19 vaccines by a whopping 400 percent, following the CDC’s rollout of the jab to children.

The huge price increase also comes as the federal government’s program to purchase the doses comes to an end. reports: According to a report from Reuters, Pfizer President Angela Lukin announced on Thursday that the pharmaceutical giant will charge between $110 and $130 per dose.

However, the shots will be available at no cost to Americans with private or government insurance.

“We are confident that the U.S. price point of the COVID-19 vaccine reflects its overall cost-effectiveness and ensures the price will not be a barrier for access for patients,” she remarked.

Lukin added that the private sector will not begin handling vaccine purchases until 2023 “at the earliest,” dependent upon the depletion of the current government supply.

The United States government has purchased hundreds of millions of vaccine doses from Pfizer, which partnered with BioNTech to manufacture the product.

In one recent deal, the federal government bought 105 million doses for $3.2 billion.

The deal implies a cost of slightly more than $30 per dose.

Pfizer said that the market for COVID-19 vaccines will be as large as the market for flu shots for adults, although more time will be necessary for the business to grow in the pediatric market.

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