Plandemic: Event 201 Organizers of WEF-Gates Pre-COVID Simulation Predicted ‘Similar Pandemic in the Future’

Just a few weeks prior to the Covid-19 pandemic being unleashed, the world’s elites gathered together to play a “war-game” involving a “fictional” coronavirus outbreak with “no possibility of a vaccine being available in the first year,” warning of a “similar pandemic in the future.”

On October 18, 2019, that war-game, called Event 201, occurred in New York City through the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security. Organizers gathered influential “public health experts,” along with top government officials from around the world.

The simulation’s video package came prepared by Interface Media Group, which has worked on projects for mainstream media outlets such as CNN, PBS, and HBO, with a series of segments from a fictional GNN network, complete with talking heads discussing the catastrophic pandemic.

The Dossier reports: Most notably, Event 201 was organized by The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation and The World Economic Forum.

In the simulation, this coronavirus pandemic resulted in a death toll of 65 million people becoming the deadliest pandemic in history, even worse than the 1918 Spanish flu.

The 15 participants in the Event 201 simulation included an interesting bunch:

Of those 15 players, 13 worked in the upper echelons of private organizations or government agencies that would almost immediately witness an exponential monetary benefit or the tremendous absorption of political power.

In The Real Anthony Fauci, author RFK Jr demonstrates that several of these individuals may have already been aware of the rumors surrounding an outbreak in China, particularly the Chinese CDC Director.

Now, due to sustained public interest in the origins “wargaming simulation” that was Event 201, The Dossier has launched an investigative effort into the event. We will start by investigating the planning and the immediate aftermath of Event 201, as this will provide clues about the motives and intentions of organizers.

In researching the social media chatter that occurred on the day of Event 201, The Dossier uncovered a significant, unreported social media post from the organizing body that may be interpreted as a reference to the coming pandemic. In the second tweet within this two part thread, the Hopkins Center refers to “ways to prepare for a similar pandemic” to that of their coronavirus simulation “in the future.”

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