Planned Parenthood Director Claims Biological Men Can Have Pregnancies

Yet again, a witness called to testify by Democrats during hearings on abortion laws, has claimed that biological men can get pregnant and give birth.

During a House Oversight Committee hearing this week, Dr. Bhavik Kumar, abortionist and medical director for Primary and Trans Care at Planned Parenthood in Houston, Texas, told lawmakers that “men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.”

And this is the party of science!

Kumar did not elaborate on what other group of men he thinks can have pregnancies apart from “trans men.”

Summit News reports: GOP rep Andrew Clyde asked Dr. Bhavik Kumar “So can biological men become pregnant and give birth?” to which Kumar replied “Men can have pregnancies, especially trans men.”

Clyde followed up, “So, are you saying that a biological female who identifies as a man and therefore becomes pregnant is, quote, a man? Is that what you’re saying?”

Kumar responded, “These questions about who can become pregnant are really missing the point, and I’m here to talk about what’s happening in Texas.”

“This is me asking a question and you answering,” Clyde interjected, adding “I’m asking the question, sir, not you.”

“Right, and I’m answering the question,” Kumar replied, further stating “Somebody with a uterus may have the capability of becoming pregnant whether they’re a woman or a man, that doesn’t make a difference.”

“Ok, we’re done,” an exasperated Clyde responded adding “This isn’t complicated. Let me tell you: if a person has a uterus and is born female, they are a woman. That is not a man, and the vast majority of the world considers that to be a woman, because there are biological differences between men and women.”

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