Post Malone Fans Are Concerned the Singer Has a Serious Drug Problem

It’s an awfully predictable phenomenon with young artists: They have a meteoric rise to the top where they can get anything they want at their fingertips at any hour of the day — and a whole crew of people who will provide it for them so they can continue to make them money. When it comes to young stars who’ve ridden a crazy wave of fame for the last few years, Post Malone sits high on that list. But now, fans are concerned that he might be hitting the drugs a little too hard.

If you’ve listened to any of Post’s songs, then you know he’s no stranger to partaking in his fair share of mind-altering substances. Heck, he’s got the word “beerbong” in one of his album titles. He talks about cocaine, “poppin pillies,” taking molly, sippin’ on codeine, etc. The man clearly likes to party. And it’s hard to blame him for wanting to do so; he’s constantly churning out music that appeals to a wide fan base and is exceedingly successful.

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