Postman Spotted Abused Dog Tied To A Tree – Teaches cruel owner a valuable lesson!

The postman knew just what to do.

One summer day, a postal worker who lived in Philadelphia, United States was out delivering mail as per usual when he stumbled upon something – or rather, a dog which needed his help. He could not bear to ignore it, and approached it with care.

It was a Boxer, who had been left outside in the blazing summer heat. Not only was she tied to a tree, the poor Boxer was also severely emaciated and poorly cared for. The mailman realized that he had to save her, or else she would not survive.

The postman quickly provided the Boxer a source of both food and water. He then proceeded to phone a local shelter for assistance. While waiting for help, he never left her side. It was the staff at Adopt a Boxer Rescue that answered his call, and they quickly took the Boxer in, where she was then renamed Kuperus.

Kuperus had sustained a large wound on her head, which was most likely caused by a gunshot or a knife attack. In addition, she also had her a jaw broken by someone else – this caused many of her teeth to be extracted.

Despite the horrific abuse and neglect she had faced earlier on, Kuperus remained sweet, loving and charming.

Dawn Karam, founder of Adopt a Boxer Rescue says that Kuperus “really craves attention”, even after beaten and tortured almost to death.

Kuperus is currently recovering at a foster home, whilst the shelter volunteers are currently working with local authorities to locate the culprit. Her presence has also greatly inspired locals to be more proactive in animal rescues, thanks to one kind-hearted mailman who made her day.


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