President Putin: ‘Nuclear War Is Coming – I’m Not Bluffing’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that a nuclear war is definitely coming, in a chilling seven-minute address to the nation.

“In his seven-minute nationally televised address, Putin also warned the West he isn’t bluffing over using everything at his disposal to protect Russia — an apparent reference to his nuclear arsenal. He has previously told the West not to back Russia against the wall and has rebuked NATO countries for supplying weapons to Ukraine,” AP reports.

Below are some of the highlights from his speech:

Watch: reports: On Wednesday, Former President Donald Trump warned that the conflict between Russia and Ukraine could end up starting World War III.

In a post on Truth Social, Trump discussed Russian President Vladimir Putin threatening to use nuclear weapons and asserted that the conflict would never have happened if he was still president.

Trump responded to the speech by saying, “President Putin of Russia is now threatening the use of Nuclear Weapons, saying ‘It is not a bluff.’”

“The Ukrainian conflict should never have happened, and would not have happened if I were President,” Trump continued. “But as I have made very clear for quite some time, this could now end up being World War III.”

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