Prime Minister Liz Truss Blasted Over Undeleted ‘RIP Jimmy Savile’ Tweet

Britain’s new Prime Minister Liz Truss has been blasted online after an eleven year old tweet in which she mourned the death of notorious pedophile Jimmy Savile emerged.

Truss, the former Foreign Secretary became the UK’s new Prime Minister last week, but just moments after it was announced, an undeleted tweet she had made about Savile after his death resurfaced on social media.

The Mirror reports: On 29 October 2011, Truss tweeted: “Used to see Jimmy Savile at the Flying Pizza on Street Lane, Roundhay. Always in good spirits. RIP.”

Retweeting the decade-old tweet, comedian James Felton wrote: “This excellent judge of character is about to pick the cabinet.”

In a second tweet, he added: “If I was prime minister I would think about deleting my ‘I’m sad the notorious paedophile has died’ tweet.”

Many people commented on social media, with one saying: “There is always a tweet.”

Another added: ” Liz Truss can’t even manage a Twitter account, let alone a country.”

One more person wrote: “I’m not sure Saville’s reputation ever fully recovered from the association with Liz.”

The tweet had already been highlighted over summer, during the leadership campaign, but was not deleted by the new PM.

Savile was one of UK’s most recognisable figures appearing on Top Of The Pops and Jim’ll Fix It.

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