Prince Harry And His ‘Mentor,’ Queen Elizabeth II, Never Lost Touch Despite Family Drama: Royal Expert

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The red-headed , 36, and Her Majesty don’t only just chat from time to time, the two royals are apparently very active in each other’s lives — even if they live a world apart. According to the author, and Meghan Markle “discuss their plans with” the .

“While he might be in LA that has not changed,” Nicholl said. “Harry has always seen his grandmother as a mentor.”

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex have a lot to converse about with the Queen, 94, since their Megxit deal — which first came about last January and will currently end on March 31 — is due for review.

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As OK! previously reported, the power couple is hoping to extend their deal for another 12 months, which would allow them to continue on as non-working royals in California. The Queen’s decision will also determine if Harry will be able to reclaim his military titles, which she stripped him of after Megxit.

As Harry continues working on his multi-million-dollar business endeavors as well as his communication with the , it’s clear that he is trying to hold onto both his Hollywood and lifestyles.

“Harry wants it both ways,” a source told OK!. “He wants back all his military roles and wants to be treated as a senior member of the family at all the official events, sitting in the front row next to his father, Charles, and brother, William.

“But he also wants to live in America and cut business deals with media companies,” the source added.

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After discussing their controversial deal with senior royal members over Zoom in January, Harry and Meghan plan to return back over the pond. They are set to attend the Queen’s “Trooping of the Color” parade in honor of her 95th birthday on June 12. 

And while Harry’s father and grandmother will likely welcome him home with open arms, older brother Prince William may not be as thrilled to see the father-of-one.

The brothers have reportedly been at odds with each other since the Harry and Meghan’s bombshell announcement last year. Nicholl speculated that the “relations are better” between the two; however, only time will tell if Harry and William’s relationship will ever go back to normal.

As OK! previously reported, the two are working on “rebuilding” their bond.

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