Putin Issues Statement on Avoiding Nuclear War: ‘I WON’T Let the Global Elites Depopulate Our Planet’

Russian President Vladimir Putin has vowed to prevent the global elites from depopulating the planet via a nuclear war.

According to Putin, the elites are desperate for a global nuclear war as it will allow them to drastically reduce the Earth’s population and implement their ‘Great Reset’ agenda.

Considering Russia is one of only five countries in the world with nuclear weapons, Putin’s foreign ministry issued a statement declaring that Russia “bears a special responsibility in matters related to strengthening international security and strategic stability.”

Infowars.com reports: The statement also said, “Russia is strictly and consistently guided by the tenet that a nuclear war cannot be won and must never be fought” and that the nukes are only for defensive use in a scenario where the “very existence of the states is in jeopardy.”

The nation says it is “strongly convinced that in the current complicated and turbulent situation, caused by irresponsible and impudent actions aimed at undermining our national security, the most immediate task is to avoid any military clash of nuclear powers.”

Next, Russia called on the other four nuclear nations to work together instead of instigating a volatile situation where “a direct armed conflict” could ultimately lead to “catastrophic consequences.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin has been vocal about his willingness to resort to using nuclear weapons if his nation is in grave danger, but that stance is no different than that of any other nuclear-armed nation.

Instead of admitting every country with nukes vows only to use the weapons in a defensive manner, Western media has been claiming Putin is constantly “threatening to use nuclear weapons.”

Now, after the latest statement from Russia’s Foreign Ministry, mainstream outlets like NBC News are claiming Putin has softened his nuclear rhetoric.

In reality, it is the Pentagon that is escalating nuclear tensions, recently announcing the U.S. will no longer rule out the possibility of using nuclear weapons against non-nuclear threats.

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